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Sometimes in the process of human development, the cartilage of the ears does not complete its folding into shape, and the ear(s) stand out prominently from the side of the head, which can be very troubling to these individuals as they grow up. If recognized early enough after birth, a device can be fitted to the child’s ear which will help mold the ear into shape as that child grows, and obviate any need for surgical intervention. If a child is left to grow into adolescence, however, with prominent ears, he/she will often be subjected to the cruel ridicule of children. Social anxiety can develop with the resultant self image issues. Once aware of the difference, they usually grow their hair long to cover the ear from view, and they develop coping mechanism to keep the ear from being brought into focus.

Dr. Neurohr loves to help these patients by performing ear surgery (otoplasty) because it is such a gratifying experience for all involved. He combines reconstructive and aesthetic surgery to to not only improve the ear shape and the appearance of the patient, but also the psychological issues concerning their appearance. He uses a cartilage scoring technique, which actually unlocks the folding defect of the ear to allow final completion into its natural shape. The patient wears a head wrap for a few days after surgery to hold the newly crafted ear in shape. A headband is then employed for several more days to protect the ear during the healing phase. All stitches are placed behind the ear out of sight , and are removed in 4-5 days. Patients generally resume normal activity in around 10 days. Intensive sports can be enjoined in around 3 weeks.

After his patients have undergone otoplasty, Dr. Neurohr lives to see a bride beam, while wearing her hair, regally coiffed back behind her ears, or to see a young athlete shine with his cropped locks for the team picture. To him, that is what plastic surgery is all about.

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