Dr Neurohr

Dr. Neurohr believes that all his patients should be treated the same way he would want to be treated, or the way he would want a family member, or loved one cared for. He loves his work and feels very privileged to be able to do what he does as a plastic surgeon in such a position of trust. He finds that by doing his best to serve people well, that manifold rewards come to him in many ways. Sharing with a patient the happiness of a successful operation is a great, empowering feeling that cannot be reproduced, and it is the source of motivation which drives Dr. Neurohr to do the extra little details which really do make a difference.

He is fascinated by people, and the variations of the human face. He individualizes each person on a unique basis for finding the proper surgical solutions for their presenting problems. Dr. Neurohr is gifted with a great eye for aesthetics. During his consultations with patients, he works to visualize their potential results, and finds that the better he gets to know someone, the better he is able to see them. That takes some time. An individual’s appearance is influenced by their personality, their tastes, and styles of expression as well as their anatomic design. All these things are synthesized into the mental picture that Dr. Neurohr uses to guide his work. If he cannot see a good solution, he won’t do the surgery, but if he can truly see a solution, he fabricates a detailed strategy to attain that inspiration.

In surgery, Dr. Neurohr has an uncanny ability to translate his foresight into reality by applying sound surgical principles like gentle handling technique, precision in preserving tissue planes, meticulous hemostasis, restoring youthful, anatomic shapes with the avoidance of tension, and perfect suture placement. The discipline he exercises correlates to the consistency of his results, and he fully commits to each case to do his very best.

Dr. Neurohr’s practice model is one of high quality, not quantity. It is the opposite of production line mentality, and his private clinic is designed specifically for the purpose of personalized patient care. The telephone is answered by a real human being who is sensitive to each person’s distinct set of interests. Discretion and privacy are embedded in the moral code. Dr. Neurohr and his staff maintain an environment where patients are safe, comfortable, and professionally cared for from the first time they enter the office, through the process of surgical planning and performance, and aftercare, until healing is complete, and patients move on to their life’s next phase.

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