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Dr. Neurohr's private clinic in Dallas, Texas is the destination for some of the world's most prominent individuals who have the choice to go anywhere for plastic surgery.

Dr Neurohr

Dr. Neurohr

Dr. Neurohr is an internationally acclaimed aesthetic plastic surgeon renowned for his remarkable ability to make people look much younger and refreshed without looking like they ever had surgery. His mastery of the human form, his genuine personable demeanor, and his total commitment to each patient's care has created a loyal patient following of unsurpassed quality.

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Dr. Neurohr is an American Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who has practiced in Dallas, Texas for 25 years. He has dedicated his life to helping improve people’s lives through Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. During the 1980’s, Dr. Neurohr developed his interest in faces when he was performing operations to treat cancer of the head and neck, and immersed himself into the anatomical study of the region. Then, when he advanced to Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at The University of Southern California, he furthered his skills by performing complex reconstructive operations at the City of Hope, Los Angeles County Medical Center, and Rancho Los Amigos. At that time, Dr. Neurohr started his first cosmetic surgery clinic. He realized that the best plastic surgery made people look better, but you could not tell they had surgery! Obviously, the face is most challenging place to achieve non detectability because it is the central focal point of identity recognition, and interpersonal communication.

So, Dr. Neurohr further pursued his post-doctoral studies with Dr. Bruce Connell at the Connell Clinic in Santa Ana, California. Dr. Connell was recognized globally as the Master of facial aesthetic surgery, and his teachings reflected the principles that Dr. Neurohr recognized as key to superior results. Based on sound, ethical medical practice, centered on patient care, drawing on the most disciplined surgical technique, yet imaginative in problem solving, and creative in artistic judgment, the quality of surgical results he learned to achieve was amazing. Dr. Neurohr realized that he was adept at visualizing possible results for individual patients, and that if he could “see it,” then his hands could make it happen. He learned that he could trust his eye, and in doing so, he found his calling in life.

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